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About Amy

I looked good on paper, but, was I happy? Not so much. 

I was a classic type A: a Harvard-trained lawyer with an MBA from Columbia University and BA from Vassar College. I had worked hard and had the diplomas and student debt to prove it.

If you had known me back in the day, at my high-powered, high-paying NY law firm, you might have thought that I was living the dream. Uh… no.

That kind of work, stress, and culture was a complete mismatch to who I was and it literally made me sick. My chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis forced me to stop and re-examine my life and my happiness.

April_2020 (61 of 179).jpg

I realized that I had been feeding my bank account, but starving my soul. So I ditched my grind-to-five and began writing lyrics. I LOVED being creative and found multi-platinum success with artists from Barbie to Barbara Streisand.

I had it all figured out, right? WRONG.

Turns out that as a writer, I loved the work, but I hated the worry– and I worried a lot. Freelance life brought its own challenges: unpredictable income, uncontrollable marketplace changes, and too few hours to spend with my husband and sons. I yearned to increase my revenue, decrease my stress, and have more flexibility.


That’s when I discovered Network Marketing (also known as Social Marketing), through a company that aligned with my core values of healthy living, environmental sustainability, community, and self-empowerment. Initially skeptical, I soon saw the power of this business model and seized the opportunity to create more revenue, more impact, and more freedom to live life on my own terms.

After following my company’s blueprint and attaining the top level of its compensation plan, I felt called to reach a wider audience, and assist others looking for solutions.

I truly believe in manifesting one’s own financial and spiritual destiny by leveraging the power of authenticity and passion. My aim is to inspire others to join me in living our healthiest, happiest, and most abundant lives.

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